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    C320A Embedded System Lite (C320A)

    C320A Embedded System Lite

    Solution Overview

    Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. The C320A Embedded System Lite, is designed to introduce students to the world of embedded systems.

    With the help of a fully-illustrated color guide, students will be able to build these projects:

    • Strobe Light
    • Mood Lighting
    • Siren
    • Flashing Siren
    • Theremin
    • Touch Organ
    • Mini Orchestra

    This project kit is suitable for beginners above 12 years old.? Weathered professionals and younger participants, with close guidance from mentors, would be able to participate in the projects as well.

    This kit consists of:

    C320A Kit Content
    Item Qty Item Qty
    Hardcover color manual 1 Arduino 1
    Breadboard 1 Mounting board 1
    USB cable 1 Bolt and nut 7
    LED 3 Tri-color LED 1
    Infrared LED 1 IR phototransistor 1
    Speaker 1 Resistor 12
    Jumper wire 18 Scissors 1
    Paper clip 5

    Includes mentor's guide and video.

    C320A Embedded System Lite (Package of 3 units)N/A RFQ

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