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    ME1120 Mobile Communications Courseware (ME1120)

    ME1120 Mobile Communications Courseware

    Solution Overview

    The ME1120 serves as a ready-to-teach-package in the area of mobile communications focusing on various mobile communications standards. This is a lecturer resource consisting of teaching slidesandlab sheets.

    This courseware consists of:

    • Lecture material in editable Microsoft PowerPoint slides.
    • Covers up to 45 hours of teaching.
    • Digital RF communications kit
    • IQ signal generation software
    • Lab sheets and model answers
    • Problem-based assignments
    • Covers 18 hours of labs

    Benefits of the ME1120 courseware:

    • Wireless concept and standard
    • Advanced modulation techniques
    • Multiple access techniques
    • Wireless system design fundamentals

    Sample Teaching Slides  Sample Lab Sheets  Download Data Sheet  Download Quick Start Guide

    ME1120-100 ME1120-100 Mobile Communications Courseware - Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ
    ME1120-200 ME1120-200 Mobile Communications Courseware - Training KitN/A RFQ
    ME1120-300 ME1120-300 Mobile Communications Courseware - Training Kit + Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ
    ME1120-210 ME1120-210 Mobile Communications Courseware - Training Kit (without bundled HW)N/A RFQ

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