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    ME1200 Electromagnetic Theory (ME1200)

    ME1200 Electromagnetic Theory

    Solution Overview

    The ME1200 serves as a ready-to-teach package in the area of Electromagnetic Theory. This is a lecturer-resource consisting of teaching slides, training kits, lab sheets, and problem-based assignments.

    This courseware consists of:

    • Lecture material in editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides.
    • Covers up to 45 hours of teaching for one full-semester
    • Lab sheets and model answers.
    • Six lab sheets, each covering 24 hours of lab exercise
    • EM hardware kit

    This courseware is designed to impart knowledge in:

    • Apply Maxwell's equations to solve applied electromagnetic problems.
    • Explain how a propagating electromagnetic wave is generated.
    • Explain the properties of guided time-harmonic electromagnetic wave in a terminated transmission line.
    • Characterize basic properties of wave propagation on transmission line using industrial-grade test and measurement instruments.
    • Implement simple impedance matching schemes using stubs.

    • Sample Lab Sheets  Download Data Sheet  Download Quick Start Guide

    ME1200-100 Electromagnetic Theory - Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ
    ME1200-200 Electromagnetic Theory - Training KitN/A RFQ
    ME1200-300 Electromagnetic Theory - Training Kit + Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ

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