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    ME2130 Embedded Linux OS (Intel Atom) Courseware (ME2130)

    ME2130 Embedded Linux OS (Intel Atom) Courseware

    Solution Overview

    The ME2130 serves as a ready-to-teach package focused on embedded Linux system applications using Intel? Atom? platform. This is a lecturer resource consisting of teaching slides, training kits, problem-based assignments, and lab sheets.

    This courseware consists of:

    • Lecture material in editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides.
    • Covers up to 45 hours of teaching.
    • Intel® Atom based platform system.
    • Lab sheets and model answers.
    • Covers 24 hours of labs.

    Benefits of the ME2130 courseware:

    • Appreciate the major elements of a cutting-edge embedded system.
    • Understand the main aspects of embedded system design choices, development rationales and trade-offs.
    • Know how to install, customize, and optimize the operating system running Atom-based intelligent systems
    • Able to configure and build a Linux kernel.
    • Develop low-level character device drivers and loadable kernel modules (LKMs).
    • Develop applications capable of multitasking, communicating through pipes and network, sharing files and messaging.
    • Benchmark and debug application software, tune compiler settings, and create efficient and safe software.

    Sample Teaching Slides  Sample Lab Sheets  Download Data Sheet  Download Quick Start Guide

    ME2130-100 Embedded Linux OS (Intel ATOM) - Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ
    ME2130-200 Embedded Linux OS (Intel ATOM) - Training KitN/A RFQ
    ME2130-300 Embedded Linux OS (Intel ATOM) - Training Kit + Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ

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