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    ME3000 Analog Electronics (ME3000)

    ME3000 Analog Electronics

    Solution Overview

    The ME3000 is a ready-to-teach package targeting 1st or 2nd year undergraduates. This courseware focuses on semiconductor fundamentals as well as circuit analysis and electronic device applications. The training kit consists of two analog electronics modules–a Diode & Transistor Module and an Op-Amp Module–that contain jumpers and discrete component holders for students to select and insert different components, allowing them to characterize the behavior of diodes, transistors, op-amps, active filters, and amplifiers. The courseware offers the flexibility to configure your lab using conventional benchtop or PC-based modular instruments–the modular instruments save space and allow you to easily mix and match different instruments based on your lab requirement.

    This courseware consists of:

    • Lecture material in editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® format
    • Analog Electronics training kit: consists of a Diode & Transistor Module and an Op-Amp Module
    • Lab sheets in editable Microsoft® Word format

    Benefits of the ME3000 courseware:

    • Semiconductor fundamentals
    • Analog electronic devices
    • Analog circuit analysis
    • Typical applications of electronic devices
    • Measurement instruments usage

    Sample Teaching Slides  Sample Lab Sheets  Download Data Sheet  Download Quick Start Guide

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