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    ME3200 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement (ME3200)

    ME3200 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement

    Solution Overview

    The ME3200 courseware is a ready-to-teach package targeting 1st or 2nd year undergraduates. This courseware helps students understand an end-to-end measurement system, which includes various sensors, signal conditioning circuits, op-amp circuits, and digital I/Os. The lecturer may configure the labs using conventional benchtop or PC-based modular instruments. The courseware can also be used to as a program for first year students to gain exposure on how to operate basic instruments such as power supplies, functions generators, oscilloscopes, and multimeters.

    This courseware consists of:

    • Lecture material in editable Microsoft® PowerPoint® format
    • Electronic instrumentation kit
    • Lab sheets in editable Microsoft® Word format

    Benefits of the ME3200 courseware:

    • Measurement principles
    • End-to-end measurement system
    • Introduction to measurement instruments
    • Usage of instrument programming tools
    • Usage of basic instruments

    Sample Teaching Slides  Sample Lab Sheets  Download Data Sheet  Download Quick Start Guide

    ME3200-100 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement - Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ
    ME3200-200 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement - Training KitN/A RFQ
    ME3200-300 Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement - Training Kit + Teaching SlidesN/A RFQ

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